Правила, права и обязанности

Права и обязанности граждан в сфере охраны здоровья

О правилах записи на первичный прием

О правилах записи на первичный прием/консультацию/обследование

О правилах предоставления платных ме

О правилах предоставления платных медицинских услуг

Правила внутреннего распорядка для п

Правила внутреннего распорядка для потребителей услуг

О правилах и сроках госпитализации

О правилах и сроках госпитализации

How does the organisation cover their administration costs?

The Amini Elimu Foundation will fully cover the administration costs for Elimisha Foundation. All donor funding raised will be used in supporting the beneficiaries.

What happens to the beneficiary if a donor cannot continue to provide funding?

The foundation will assume the role of providing for the beneficiary in the event that a donor is unable to carry on with support. The objective is to ensure that the affected learner’s academic advancement remains uninterrupted.

How do you support special cases of students who are already in secondary school?

Case selection and management will be need-based and will be subject to Board approval. A hotline number and email address will be provided in the contact information section. We shall also onboard beneficiaries who have been identified by donors and accommodate them in the programme cycle.

Do you provide an opportunity for donors with specific criteria to select their beneficiaries?

Yes, we will offer a list of beneficiaries and their profiles to the donors for selection.

Do the donors have access to the beneficiaries?

Yes, we will open a file for each beneficiary. The file will include details such as academic progress, student profile, profile photo and general progress. Each donor will have access to their specific beneficiary through a personal username and password.

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